If you’ve got an office job sitting behind a desk all day, it’s important to strike a healthy balance and exercise. What better way to lose calories than by toning up your body with weight training exercises.

office body building

Weight training routines broadly fall into two categories; bodysculpting and bodybuilding routines. The first type of routine is recommended for people who solely want to firm up and lose body fat. Bodybuilding training, on the other hand, is for individuals who intend to add muscle mass while reducing their body fat levels to anything between 8 to 10%. Greater results can be achieved quicker when using an anabolic steroid such as trenbolone enanthate – http://trenboloneresults.com/trenbolone-enanthate/ , but you should thoroughly research this if you decide to go this route because there are potential side effects.

Having said that, what are the characteristics of a good weight training routine? Here’s a look at some of the fundamentals of bodybuilding exercises that will help you achieve your training goal.

Sessions Should Not be More than 75 Minutes

An ideal bodybuilding routine should last a maximum of 75 minutes with 60 minutes being the best. Beyond 75 minutes, the level of muscle building and fat burning hormones produced by the body starts to fall. This, in essence, means that long training sessions will slow the rate at which your body gains muscle and loses fat.

The Rest in Between Sets Should Last for 90 Seconds or Less

Resting between sets is essential as it enables you to perform intense bodybuilding exercises and still finish within the allocated time per session (in this case 75 minutes). Also, research has it that resting between sets not only helps stimulate the growth hormones but also improves the cardiovascular system.

The Repetitions in Each Set Should be Based on the Goal

If you’re training for muscle gain, the sets should be between 8 to 15 repetitions. Equally, bodysculpting sets should have 15 to 25 repetitions. This is because;

• These ranges of repetitions ensure that blood flow to the muscles is at its optimum
• With many repetitions comes a lesser chance of injury because you’re using a weight that you can control
• Repeated studies show that these ranges offer the best results muscle building and burning of fat

The Routine Must be Varied and Cycled

You should never get stuck with the same bodybuilding exercises week in and week out. Any bodybuilder who performs the same routine every session should not expect any muscle growth. For starters, sticking to the same routine will lead to boredom and eventually to the lack of enthusiasm. Be sure to alternate high volume (8 to 15 sets reps per set) cycles with higher volume (5 to 8 sets reps per set) cycles for the best results.

Having looked at the basics of a good bodybuilding routine, it is equally important to mention one or two pointers that will help you achieve your goal whether you are training for bodysculpting and bodybuilding.

Training for Body Building – In order to accomplish your goal, seek to perform 20 to 40 minutes of aerobic exercise 3 to 4 times every week first thing in the morning on an empty stomach. Also, embark on 3 to 4 weight training sessions of 30 to 60 minutes every week using exercises such as squats, chin-ups and bench press and mentioned previously, a good anabolic steroid can help with results. See – http://trenboloneresults.com/

Training for Bodybuilding – For you to accomplish your goal, the exercise strategy should be to perform 4 to 6 weight training sessions of 45 to 75 minutes utilizing basic bodybuilding exercises. Also, conduct 3 to 4 sessions of cardio in the morning or 3 to 4 hours after meals for 20 to 30 minutes, especially during the muscle gain phase.